25 Jul
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So The World May Hear 2016 Awards Gala

The Starkey Hearing Foundation celebrated their 16th annual So the World May Hear Awards Gala on July 17, 2016 in St.Paul, Minnesota. The event raised a record breaking amount for the Starkey Hearing Foundation and was a night to remember!Capture

The evening celebrated the milestone of the opening of the Starkey Hearing Institute in Zambia, which is a school that equips students with academic rigor, resources and tools to advance in hearing health care services. Along with this exciting achievement, the Starkey Hearing Foundation is expanding it’s missions with more programs and services, specifically with the Foundation’s Hear Now program. The Hear Now program is planning to have a 15% increase in 2016 over 2015 to provide more hearing devices to those in need domestically.

This years honorees included Paula F. Goldberg, co-founder and executive director of PACER, a program and lifeline for parents of children and young adults with disabilities. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who was honored for his philanthropic achievements in advancing the future of Africa and Jennifer Garner, award winning actress, who was honored for being an advocate for early childhood development and her commitment to this growth.

There were several special guests and performers who provided entertainment throughout the evening. This included Jay Leno, the Hollywood Vampires, featuring Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, country duo Maddie and Tae, and both the Tenors and former American Idol winner Trent Harmon who serenaded the audience. The evening ended with a performance by John Mellencamp who closed out the event with a few crowd favorites. For more information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation, click here.

10 Feb
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“Dear Santa” Holiday Winner Given the Gift of Hearing!

santa headerBy: Kate Stark

This past holiday season All American Hearing held their inaugural “Dear Santa” Holiday Contest. The goal of this contest was to be able to provide the gift of hearing to someone in need this holiday season, specifically, someone that did not have the means to purchase their own set of hearing instruments.

All American Hearing works closely with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which gives hearing aids to those in need across our globe. The Starkey Hearing Foundation gives over 100,000 hearing aids to children and others suffering from hearing loss in 3rd world countries per year.  All American Hearing wanted to do their part back home in America.

For more information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation please click here.

Over 20,000 individuals had the chance to apply. These were people who had previously visited an All American Hearing Network Clinic in the past and showed signs of hearing loss but never purchased.

The contest was designed to have a loved one, such as a family member, friend, or acquaintance, write to All American Hearing explaining why this individual should receive the gift of hearing. After reading through several touching submissions, Ms. Lynda Coats was selected as the winner!

IMG_4191Lynda’s two daughters and four grandchildren all participated in providing their input on why their mother and grandmother should receive the gift of hearing. Ms. Coats had previously had a hearing examination conducted and she was diagnosed with moderately to severe hearing loss. She is also losing her vision in both eyes. After reading the touching letters, All American Hearing decided she was the perfect candidate to receive the gift of hearing in order to engage in conversations with her family and friends again.

Since Lynda was out of Alabama, she met with Pattillo Balance and Hearing Center’s Fred Turner. Fred is a Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 15 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. Fred has helped thousands of people enjoy the gift of hearing and he was ecstatic to help Lynda on that same journey! The fitting was covered by the local TV station as well as the local newspaper. We want to thank Fred and Lynda’s family for helping us provide her the gift of hearing!

Read some of the submissions letters below:

20 Jan
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Giving back with Andrew Roth, HIS

The availability of hearing health care and hearing aids is very scarce in the world. The Starkey Hearing Foundation provides hearing aids to people around the world in need. People from all different parts of the globe come together to help provide this special gift. Without this group, many of these people would be left in a world of silence and would struggle to communicate with family and friends.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.05.29 PM

This past October Andrew Roth, Hearing Instrument Specialist with Hear for You in Saratoga/Ballston Spa, NY, joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation on a hearing mission trip to Mexico. Roth and the Foundation started out in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and they fit 580 people with hearing aids on a Sunday. From Tlaxcala, Roth and the Starkey Hearing Foundation Team traveled to Toluca, Mexico, a city located 60 miles outside of Mexico City.

The landscape is very industrial and many of the people can not afford the cost of hearing aids or the care associated with hearing loss. The Foundation is able to help thousands in the course of a week and set up after care as well. About 500 people per day were fitted with hearing aids and many heard for the first time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.05.41 PM

It is a great feeling to help others in need who would otherwise have no other option. Coming back from these trips allows me to appreciate more what we take for granted here in the USA. We have a great country with a variety of resources, a luxury not shared by every region of the world.

It’s not just third-world countries that suffer from the dire need of better hearing, there are plenty of people in the USA that can not afford the gift of better hearing. Luckily if you can not afford a hearing aid here in the USA we have the Hear Now Program which provides aids through the Starkey Hearing Foundation. For more information on the Starkey Hearing Foundation or if you have any questions about these mission trips or the Hear Now Program in the USA, you can visit


10 Dec
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All American Hearing Provider, Andrew Roth, Fits Hundreds in Mexico with Hearing Aids


Andrew Roth, a hearing instrument specialist (HIS) with the Saratoga Ballston Spa and Amsterdam All American Hearing offices, recently joined the Starkey Hearing Foundation on a medical mission to Mexico.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation started this mission in Tlaxcala, Mexico where they fit 580 people with hearing aids. From Tlaxcala, Roth traveled with the foundation to Toluca, which is a city 60 miles from Mexico City.

The foundation fits roughly 500 people in need per day with hearing instruments, which allows many people to hear for the first time. The ability to obtain hearing health care and hearing aids is very scarce in many parts of Mexico, and residents come from around the country to be fit by the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

“It is a great feeling to help others in need who would otherwise have no other option,” Roth said. “Coming back from these trips allows me to appreciate more what we take for granted here in the U.S. We have a great country with a lot of resources that we have set up that other countries have not even thought of.”

The Starkey Hearing Foundation has been around for 30 years and has traveled to over 100 countries, fitting more than 1.8 million hearing aids in the United States and around the world. To get more information on the Saratoga Ballston Spa, click here. For the Amsterdam office, click here.

4 Sep
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August 9th Hearing Mission in West Frankfort, Illinois

On Friday August 9th, nine All American Hearing offices spread throughout Southern Illinois joined forces with the Starkey Hearing Foundation in hosting a celebrity golf event and hearing mission.

The golf event and hearing mission took place at Franklin Country Club in West Frankfort, Illinois. Baseball Hall of Famers and former St. Louis Cardinals Lou Brock and Whitey Herzog played in the tournament.

Alongside the golf event, close to 30 children and adults were fit with Starkey’s most advanced hearing aids, free of cost thanks to the efforts of All American Hearing and Starkey’s “So the World May Hear” foundation.

“To see the gift of hearing provided to those in need was an extremely special moment and something that words cannot describe. The Southern Illinois All American Team did a fantastic job & I am excited to be a part of it for years to come,” says Dan Weinberger, a regional marketing coordinator for the All American Hearing marketing team, who was able to attend the hearing mission.

All American Hearing is committed to helping the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s goal of providing 1 million hearing aids to people in this decade.



Lou Brock & Dan Weinberger

18 Aug
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Hear for You Hearing Mission, August 16, 2015


Hearfor you mission 2

A picture from the Hear for You website.

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, a hearing mission took place with the Hear for You team (Kristi MCGaffin, Melissa Hillock, Lee Baggott, Dan Baggott and Andrew Roth) in Amsterdam, NY.

This was the first year for the event and it proved to be a very moving day.  All of the candidates in attendance were extremely happy to have received the gift of better hearing.  With all the different types of hearing loss at varying degrees of severity, it is difficult to understand what one goes through on a daily basis.  Whether it is affecting their job or making it difficult to hear family at home, hearing loss has a big impact on the overall well being and health if left untreated.

Together, the Hear for You office who partnered with the Broadalbin- Perth Lions Club and the Amsterdam Rotary were able to fit 14 candidates with quality digital hearing health care.

It is important to remember that giving to others and helping improve situations is something we all can do to make the world a more loving and caring place. As the team sat down for dinner that evening, they reflected on the individuals they had fit with hearing aids throughout the day and how wonderful it is that these individuals now had the chance to hear their families again at their own dinner tables. The team made it clear that whether they are fitting hearing aids on a paying customer or a qualified candidate that the feeling and duty does not change. Instead, they are apart of an industry that focuses on better hearing and are thankful to work for a company that makes it happen everyday. What is more rewarding than that?


14 Aug
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7th Annual Children’s Pro-AM, Sponsored by All American Hearing

CCA Event

All American Hearing was the proud sponsor of the recent Children’s Pro-Am golf tournament, put on to raise money for the Children’s Cancer Association.

The event was held at the Oregon Golf Club and featured 28 PGA golf professionals, from Oregon and Southwest Washington, along with amateur players. All individuals were competing for the championship and a $15,000 prize.

The evening event was filled with live music, food and drink, and an inspirational program from the Children’s Cancer Association.

Within the last six years, the event has raised more than $650,000 put towards the Children’s Cancer Associations program, JoyRx, which is an organization that seeks to help family’s needs beyond medical treatment.

Overall, the night was a huge success thanks to the sponsors, golfers, attendees and volunteers!

CCA Event 1

CCA Event 2

From top to bottom: Inside the event, Teeing off at the driving range.

6 Aug
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Upcoming Hearing Aid Mission Set for August 16th- at the Hear for You Office in Amsterdam, NY:

On August 16th, the Hear for You office in Amsterdam, NY, part of the All American Hearing Network, along with the Amsterdam Rotary Club and the Broadalbin-Perth Lions Club, will be hosting a hearing mission. The event is set to take place at the High Rollers Skate and Fun Center in Amsterdam, New York.

This hearing mission will provide free hearing aids to individuals who are in need of them. Andrew Roth, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Hear for You, said that this program is created for those who need a hearing aid but cannot afford it.

The perfect candidate for this mission is an individual who works at a minimum wage level, but after paying all of their bills and expenses, does not have enough money to afford hearing aids. The income limits for the program are: $21,589 for a one-person family, $29,100 for a two-person family, $36,611 for a three-person family, $44,122 for a four-person family, and $51,633 for a five-person family.

The individuals who will be receiving the aid do not have Medicaid nor have benefits that cover hearing aids.

The idea for this program came to Roth after attending a hearing mission in Peru last year. Roth teamed up with the Amsterdam Rotary Club and the Broadalbin-Perth Lions Club because he knew they were organizations that can reach individuals who may need the aid.

While this is the first year of the program, so far seven individuals have signed up and will be fit for a hearing aid on August 16. The hearing aids were donated to the Hear for You office by patients.

Before attending the event, these individuals need to come in for visual inspections of the ear and amplifications. The staff will be donating their time to make this mission possible.

If you would like a free hearing screening at Hear for You, or to access more information on the office, click here.

3 Aug
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Starkey Gives Special Olympics Champion the Gift of Hearing

The 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games just took place in Los Angeles, California. This year’s competition involved 6,500 athletes from all over the world.

#Monday Motivation

Meet Ruoia, from Pakistan.

Last Monday, Starkey gave her the gift of hearing. On Thursday, she took home the table tennis bronze at the special Olympics. Congratulations Ruoia!!

30 Jul
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Starkey Hearing Foundation’s 15th Annual Awards Gala, “So the World May Hear” Event Recap

This weekend’s gala raised over $9 million dollars that will go towards Bill Austin’s vision of providing the gift of hearing to people throughout the world.

The event took place at the Saint Paul River Center, in Minnesota, and was hosted by Starkey Hearing Foundation founder and Starkey Hearing Technologies CEO, William F. Austin and Co-Founder, Tani Austin.

More than 1,600 guests attended the event including professional athletes, customers, celebrities, and two former presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Highlights from the evening include Gene Simmon’s donation of $250,000 to fund an upcoming Starkey Hearing Foundation mission trip that will take place in China. To read more about the hearing missions, click here.

One of the honorees, the Delta Zeta Sorority, made a surprise announcement and promised to pledge $5 million dollars to the Starkey Hearing Foundation over the next five years.

The performers at the event included Katy Perry, Gene Simmons, Matt Nathanson, Jessica Sanchez, 2CELLOS, and Portia Clark.

As Mr. Austin says, “Alone we can’t do much, but together we can change the world.”